As the premier limo rental service in New York City, we are proud to offer transportation services to all our customers in the five New York boroughs, along with any surrounding locations. The best way to request our services is by calling our company over the phone, or filling out our online reservation form. Things go much smoother when our customers place a call or make their online reservation at least 24 hours in advance of when they will need the vehicle. It allows us to arrive at your requested time in a prompt manner, while we can also arrange things to get you the vehicle you requested.

Aside from stretch limousines, our company also offers luxury vehicles such as sedans and SUVs for our customers’ transportation needs. All our vehicles are new, well maintained, in great working condition and black. We believe in a certain sense of style when it comes to our vehicles, and we know our customers do too. Whether you are going to the airport, attending a work event, or requesting a limo for your high school prom, we want you to feel comfortable and luxurious when you are riding in one of our vehicles.

While we are happy to provide transportation to and from specific locations, we also offer the rental of our vehicles and drivers on an hourly basis. These rates work really well for customers who may be visiting New York City on vacation, or requiring car services for work purposes. Instead of having to constantly call our hotline to request the car to come back to your location, you can use the hourly rental rate to keep the vehicle by your side for as long as you want.

If you are arranging a big party, or having a massive work event, we also have party buses and passenger buses that can seat as many as 30 people.