Taking a Tour to the City on a Limo: 5 Important Tips to Consider

Limousines aren’t reserved for weddings, anniversary parties and prom only. There is no better way to experience a new city other than to take a tour around the city in a limo. Limo city tours add a touch of style and luxury to what would otherwise be a typical tour. However, you must make some considerations to ensure you have an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking forward to taking a tour to the city on a limo, do so by all means but first, consider the tips below.

1. Choose a limo with a sunroof/convertible/retractable roof

If you’re considering selecting a limo to tour a new city, you’ll need to pay attention to limo features such as the sunroof and windows. A sunroof is a must have feature for all tour limos since it allows you to have clear, uninterrupted 360 degree views of the city while you are on the move. In cases where a sunroof isn’t adequate i.e. because you are touring with other people, a limo with a convertible or retractable roof will be adequate. If you just want to have a modest limo city tour, a limo with large windows with clear views will be good enough.

2. Choose a local/resident limo driver

To get the best limo city tour experience, you also need to choose your limo driver carefully. The best tour guides are usually locals who have been born and raised in the city in question. As a result, insist on getting a limo driver who is local/resident in the city. Such drivers have unmatched knowledge which can’t be acquired through regular tour travel training. The best limo companies offering city tours hire locals as drivers. However, it’s always good to ask. A city tour is bound to shape your perception about a city. It’s, therefore, important that you tour with a driver that has an in-depth and accurate knowledge about the city so that you get the right first impression.

3. Choose a limo company with a city touring package

You can always hire an ideal limo and a local limo driver, however, such an approach will require some work. If you’re focused on having a seamless experience and you don’t mind paying a bit more, you should focus on choosing a limo company that offers city touring services. Such limo companies already know what people want in all kinds of city touring experiences and have what it takes to deliver from personnel to limo amenities. If you want an unforgettable hustle-free tour to a city in a limo, specialized limo companies will be the best choice for you. You just need to choose the touring package that matches your preferences perfectly. The limo company will provide everything else for you.

4. Avoid hourly rates

This is another vital tip to consider when taking a tour to the city on a limo. City tours usually take longer than expected because of city traffic, so it’s important to negotiate for the entire trip as opposed to choosing an hourly rate. You are bound to get caught up in city traffic in most cities so, avoid hourly rates. Negotiating for the entire tour also saves you additional charges such as parking fees.

5. Tour off-peak hours

To get the best out of your city tour in a limo, you also need to consider touring off-peak. For instance, you should avoid touring during rush hour to avoid getting stuck in traffic. You are also bound to get the best city tour rates when you tour early in the morning or at night. Most people take city tours during the day, so it’s important to avoid such times to avoid rushed tours.

Taking a city tour in a limo is incredibly memorable. You must, however, choose the perfect limo for city tours as well as a local limo driver who knows a lot about the city you are touring to get the best out of the experiencing. If possible, you should choose a limo company that specializes in offering limo city tours to get the best/most professional and luxurious experience possible. It’s also important to consider factors such as when to tour as well as the rates. To get the best value for your money, avoid hourly rates since you are bound to take longer than expected in a typical city tour because of factors like traffic.

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