How Tipping Limo Drivers Helps Build Relationship and Better Service

Otherwise known as tipping, showing gratuity to service providers like limo chauffeurs, waiters, car park attendants among others is a common practice that is now accepted worldwide. In addition to thanking and rewarding someone for a job well done, tipping helps reinforce excellent service and build lasting relationships that will serve you well. However, different states, regions, and countries have their own customs on tipping; making what was once a simple thanks into quite a confusing procedure.

Even some of the most experienced, veteran travelers often get tripped up by tipping now and then. Others will even question the entire notion of tipping. After all, isn’t the service provider paid to do their job? The truth is that like all other services, tipping appropriately is always a matter of context. This especially applies to limo services where there is no hard and fast rule. As vital members of the industry, limo chauffeurs and drivers deserve a little something to show appreciation, especially if they went above and beyond the call of duty to please you. So if you’re wondering why you should bother tipping your chauffeur, here’s a few reasons why tipping limo drivers helps build relationships and when it should be done.

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Tipping Builds Goodwill

Normally, anyone who has received exceptional service such as good food, great entertainment and an overall lovely time tends to become a repeat customer. The same applies to the limo industry where most people will always hire the same driver or the same service due to factors like punctuality, politeness, cleanliness and many others.

So if your limo driver is always on time, opens doors, keeps it friendly but professional and knows exactly what you expect, then that’s one relationship that you definitely want to sustain. Giving your regular limo driver a tip not only helps build a solid relationship, it also motivates them to keep it up and always be available when you need them. This also creates a chain reaction of great customer service even towards other clients.

But Only If Done Discretely

Another way to build a lasting relationship with your limo driver is to tip them discretely. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to flash out a huge wad of cash only pull out just a few quarters. This just shows what you think of them and makes them feel really devalued. Tipping your driver discreetly not only makes for a pleasant surprise, but it also creates an unspoken bond between customer and driver and shows that you value whatever it is you’re giving. Plus, it’s always cool when you slip your tip to the driver in a warm, homey and thankful handshake.


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If You Get Extra, Tip Extra

When we talk about a driver who goes above and beyond the call of duty, we don’t just mean their demeanor and politeness. Sometimes, customers can get an unexpected treat in their limo that they had not anticipated. Maybe you got extra amenities like a TV, sound system, bar, or even a pool in your vehicle that you hadn’t asked for. All these should be considered when calculating that final tip. This will make your favorite driver more inclined to choose a fancy limo whenever they get the chance.

And Lastly, Never Tip Where It’s Not Deserved

If there’s one thing that customers need to understand, it’s that poor service should never be rewarded. In fact, it should be immediately reported to the limo company. If your driver was rude, late, unapologetic, or just didn’t care about customer service, then there’s absolutely no reason why you should waste your money on them. Tipping poor service will only reinforce the bad behavior and make the driver expect a tip whether they earned it or not.

There’s no denying the fact that tipping limo drivers helps build healthy relationships with them and get better service every time. The worst mistake you could make is to not tip your driver at all. Generally, a tip of anywhere between 10 to 20 percent of the fare is the norm.

However, you can add or deduct some of it according to the limo driver’s attitude and service. If the driver did all his duties exceptionally and even went a mile further to please, then going above the 20% mark is an option. But if the driver did everything right except maybe go too fast or forget to open your door, then a 5% tip will encourage them to work harder next time. After all; they could be just hurrying to beat traffic, get you there in time or maybe catch another fare before it’s too late.

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